Exciting Staff Update

At the end of November, we honored Katherine Schofield’s wonderful five years of ministry among us here at Old South. So many people lifted up her gifts of a centered spirit, a loving heart, and spirit of joy. Her departure leaves big shoes to fill, that is for sure. 

Since Katherine informed Church Council about her intended departure, we have been working to ensure that our ministries can continue going strong in the coming year, while also laying groundwork for an eventual national Associate Pastor search. 

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Rachel Barton will be taking on the position of Assistant Minister and Nancy Taylor Fellow. Rachel is a gifted pastor, and has already shown herself to be an invaluable colleague. Rachel will take on the lion’s share of Katherine’s responsibilities, while also retaining the work she does with with youth and young adults, as well as her role as Nancy Taylor Fellow. There are a few areas of responsibility that will be covered by myself, Rev. Ashley, and Rev. David Story. Overall, there will be minimal disruption to our current programming.

Sometime in the new year, Council will take on in earnest the task of laying the groundwork for a national search for a settled Associate Pastor. To keep informed on that, be sure to read Kate Silfen’s fabulous “Heard it at Council” write ups, posted monthly to our website.

We’re so grateful that Rachel will be stepping in to this new role, and I invite you all to join me in welcoming her leadership among us.

In Faith,

Rev. John M. Edgerton