Ministers & Staff


John M. Edgerton
Senior Minister • (he/him)
Ashley J. Popperson
Associate Minister • (she/her)
Rachel Barton
Assistant Minister and Nancy S. Taylor Fellow • (she/her)
June R. Cooper
Theologian in the City • (she/her)
Donald A. Wells | he/him
Theologian in Residence • (he/him)
Kenneth Orth
Healing Worship Minister • (he/him)
Nancy S. Taylor
Senior Minister Emeritus • (she/her)
James W. Crawford
Senior Minister Emeritus • (he/him)
David Story
Wedding Minister • (he/him)
H. Andrew Vosburgh
Bible Study Instructor • (he/him)

Children & Youth

Kate Nintcheu
Director of Children & Family Ministries • (she/her)
Summer Marsh
Director of Old South Preschool • (she/her)
Aislin Kate Anderson
Children's Choir Director • (she/her)
Juniper Mai
Children's Choir Accompanist • (they/them)


Mitchell Crawford
Minister of Music • (he/him)
George Sargeant
Associate Organist & Choirmaster • (he/him)
Tim Harbold
Director of Gospel Choir • (he/him)
Peter Coulombe
Director, Old South Ringers • (he/him)


Tim Claflin
Director of Operations • (he/him)
Jamie Garuti Sage
Multimedia Director • (she/her)
Amelia Gerrard
Church Administrator • (they/them)
Kathleen Steen
Staff Accountant • (she/her)
Corey Spence
Weekday Receptionist • (he/him)
Rémy Hatfield-Gardner
Multimedia Assistant • (they/them)
William Wei
Livestream Production Assistant • (she/he/they)
Emily Ross
Archivist • (she/her)


Elias Perez
Senior Sexton • (he/him)
Richard Serebour
Sexton • (he/him)
David Brode
Sexton • (he/him)
Ozo Nwodo
Sexton • (he/him)