October 2022 Senior Minister Search Committee Update

October 7, 2022

On pace with the schedule we set for ourselves, we released our church profile – to the congregation, to the conference, and to the wider world – in the last week of September. The profile – developed by the transition team in the spring with insight from congregants and church staff in over 30 small group listening tours, surveys, and individual interviews.  The profile describes us as we are – rooted in history and looking to the future, committed to social and climate justice in Boston and beyond, grounded in Scripture and transformative worship, connected in community but looking to deepen our bonds to one another, diverse with a wide open door and committed to widening our welcome.  

The church profile, along with a briefer job description and instructions for application, is accessible on a new landing page on our church website configured especially for potential candidates.

Within the first day of our profile’s release, we began receiving ministerial profiles from interested candidates. Even as we enthusiastically receive expressions of interest from candidates who – with God’s guidance – find their way to us, we are also making active outreach to others through a wide network of friends and colleagues and connections. If you have ideas about potential candidates you would like to suggest to the Search Committee, reach out to us at our dedicated e-mail address, search@oldsouth.org. Respecting the privacy of potential candidates and applicants is of critical and sacred importance; we will receive any suggested names in confidence and are committed to maintaining confidentiality for candidates throughout the process.  

The committee is reviewing applications as we receive them, using evaluation criteria developed from the church profile. As described in last month’s update, our plan is to solicit applications through the end of the calendar year and begin interviewing in January. We hope to be ready to bring a final candidate to the congregation for review and vote sometime next spring.

We remain grateful for your ongoing prayers of support.