Stewardship 2024

January is Stewardship month at Old South Church in Boston - a unique time when members testify to what they love about Old South, and how they transform that love into generosity - commitments of time, energy and financial support. During each worship service this month, a different member takes the pulpit to tell their story. It's a wonderful, inspiring way to get to know our community. You don't want to miss it!

In this year's Stewardship campaign, we invite you to join us down a new road brimming with possibilities. Like vibrant rainbows adorning the sky, our collective efforts illuminate the path ahead. Join us in sharing the treasures of community, commitment, and collaboration, including the invaluable contribution of your financial support as we forge a brighter future together.

Make Your 2024 Gift Commitment

During Stewardship month, each member of Old South Church commits annually, or "pledges", a certain financial donation to Old South Church. Together, our dollars fuel the church's ministries. We ask members to consider giving a meaningful amount for them. Or, by pledging a percentage of their income: 1%, 2% up to 10%. We ask members to "Give until it feels good!"

Will you join fellow Old Southers in making a pledge this year to help sustain and expand opportunities for our church family as it looks to the future – and as an expression of your own gratitude? 

At the end of the month, we will lift up our communal generosity at our Stewardship Celebration services on Thursday, January 25th and Sunday, January 28th and celebrate our shared belonging to this faithful community of givers who support all that Old South Church has to offer. Everyone is invited to a joyful Stewardship Celebration Lunch following Festival Worship on January 28th.

RSVP for the Stewardship Celebration Luncheon

Thank you again for prayerfully considering your support for our ministries in 2024. We couldn't do this without you.



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