There's nothing quite like summer in Boston. Spend it with us!


  • Schedule: 
    • We will continue to hold all three weekly services throughout the summer: Sunday 9am First Worship, Sunday 11am Festival Worship, and Thursday 6pm Twilight Worship. The one exception is Membership Sunday - June 23, when we will hold a single 10am service.
    • Vespers Healing Worship will be held on the second Sundays at 5pm over Zoom - email for the link.
  • Space: 
    • In July and August, all in-person worship services will be held in the air-conditioned Chapel to escape the heat. Watching the worship live stream is also always an option at
  • Music: 
    • Beginning on May 26 and continuing through Labor Day, Festival Choir will suspend Thursday rehearsals, inviting all who wish to join us Sunday mornings at 10am to rehearse music for that day's 11am Festival Worship.


June 2: Confirmation and Youth Sunday

  • Today, worship services are crafted and led by our teens. During Festival Worship we will celebrate and lift up this year's graduating High School Seniors, and members from this year's confirmation class will join Old South as members through the Rite of Confirmation. 

June 9: Pride Sunday

  • Join us for LGBTQIA+ Pride Worship at Old South Church! On Sunday, June 9th, we will gather as our most fabulous selves to worship the God who made us fearfully and wonderfully ourselves. Services at 9am and 11am. Rainbow Disco Coffee Hour at 10am & 12pm. 

June 16: Liberation Sunday

  • This Sunday at Festival Worship, we will award the Open Door Award to J. Shia, an internationally recognized custom motorcycle builder who is queering the world of motorcycling. 

June 23: Membership Sunday, 10am All-Church Worship

  • We'll gather as one family in faith at 10am to receive new members and celebrate our Long Term Members. 

July 7 - September 1: Summer Worship 

  • Worship with us at 9am First Worship or 11am Festival Worship. In order to escape the heat, both services will be in the air-conditioned chapel. 

August 25: Middle Passage Sunday

  • Gathered in 1669, Old South Church in Boston continues to research, name and account for a history which includes radical abolitionists and the first anti-slavery tract on this soil (1700) AND many early ministers and members who were enslavers, who benefited from the forced enslavement and unpaid work of countless persons of African descent. We will honor the lives of our African members from the 1600s, 1700s, & early 1800s on Middle Passage Sunday.



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