Pastoral Transition

Over the past 17 years, Rev. Nancy S. Taylor has blessed us with her unequivocally bold leadership as our 20th Senior Minister. While she will be impossible to replace, Old South has learned a thing or two about pastoral transition over its 350-plus years. Change is uncomfortable but inevitable. It is also exciting, a time to fully consider how we can best remain not only relevant but central to a changing Boston. With God’s help—and with the support of each other—Old South will persevere through Nancy’s departure, grow as a Congregation, and become readier than ever to carry on God’s work for the next 350 years.

Statement from Rev. Nancy Taylor  Letter from Church Leaders

Pastoral Transition Teams


The following members have agreed to define what the bridge between Nancy’s leadership and a new leadership will look like, serving as the INTERIM Team:

Nancy Kukulan
Ashton Goodfield
Kristi Geary
Stephanie LaShoto-Westfield
Christine Del Favero
David Duong
Eliette Hilaire
Randy Billings
Pam Roberts


A CELEBRATION Team will also begin planning the best way to commemorate Nancy’s tenure and her eventual departure:

Bill Adams
Deb Washington
Marilyn Jackson Adams
Rev. June Cooper
Rob Gabler
Diane Gaucher
Priscilla Geigis
Karen Hand
Helen McCrady
Caroline Murray
Kate Silfen


With input from the congregation the TRANSITION Team will draft Old South Church's Local Church Profile, outlining what the church is looking for in its next senior minister. The Church Council approved the following to serve on the TRANSITION Team.

Bill Bulkeley
Paul Kuenstner
Anne Dickenson Meltz Dearing (Convener)
Martha Schick
John Braught (staff liaison)
Tom Grant
Helen McCrady (staff liaison)
Lisa Loveland
Rory Razon


At its April 2022 meeting, the Church Council approved the Leadership Committee’s slate to serve on the Senior Minister Search Committee, as follows:

Jonathan Aleshire
Maren Batalden, Convener
June R. Cooper, Chaplain
Anne Dearing
Allen Gifford
Quinn Grant
Erin Hull
Tracy Keene
Jake Maliel
Bill Matson
Stefanie Pietras
Rory Razon
Phil Stern, Moderator
Deb Washington, past Moderator


Transition Timeline

Please note that this timeline is aspirational, not exact.


  • Nancy, Old South officers, and Trustee chair meet with MBA Area Minister and agree a pastoral transition timeline and a process led by four teams:
    • Celebration Team (leaving well)
    • Interim Team (proposes to Council an interim solution between retiring and new sr. minister
    • Transition Team (prepares OSC’s Local Church Profile)
    • Search Team (to present a candidate to the members)

  • October 12th: Council was apprised of Nancy's retirement and timeline and authorized the Leadership Committee to recruit a CELEBRATION Team and an INTERIM Team
  • November 9: Leadership Committee presented slates for the CELEBRATION Team and the INTERIM Team to Council for approval
  • November 10: Two letters were sent notifying the congregation of Nancy's retirement and the transition
  • November: INTERIM Team started its work to propose an interim solution between retiring sr. minister and new Senior Minister
  • December: Leadership Committee proposes slate for TRANSITION Team to Council for approval.


  • Winter:
    • TRANSITION Team begins to work on Old South’s Local Church Profile
    • CELEBRATION Team meets

  • Spring:
    • Leadership Committee proposes slate for SEARCH Team to Council for approval
    • May 22: Nancy's final Sunday
    • May 29: Worship led by other Old South clergy
    • June 1: Interim begins
    • June: SEARCH Team assembles, aiming to present a candidate in the first half of 2023



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