Samuel Adams & The Brattle Street Church Mystery

On July 14th of that year, 66-year old Samuel Adams Jr became a member of the Old South Church. The membership record indicates that he had transferred his membership from the Brattle Street Church. This was a surprise to me. I had always assumed that Samuel Adams was a life-long member of Old South because of his family’s long involvement with the church.


The Barn Problem

We are bombarded by ads everywhere we look encouraging us to go out and buy the “next big thing” that will surely bring us the happiness we long for. We are told the newest cell phone, a flashier car, bigger house, or other status item will make our lives meaningful.

George Gordon & The Eternal Pledge

From the very beginning of his 43-year ministry at Old South, George Gordon’s theological views set him apart from many of his predecessors and local colleagues. Before being formally installed as Old South’s pastor, he famously endured three hours of questions from other ministers about some of his unorthodox beliefs (The Old South Church & Society 1884).

Guilt and the Cross: A Lenten Reflection

We have now entered the Lenten Season. It is a time of retrospection as to how we are doing in our journey as disciples of Jesus and, also, a time for the recommitting of ourselves to the work of God in the world. May we all be open to the leading of the Spirit as we work our way toward Holy Week. But there is one thing, in my opinion, from which we need to be relieved: namely the notion that our sins crucified Jesus. The Romans crucified Jesus. They were the only ones who had the authority to carry out a death sentence. Not you; not me.